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Class of 2018


Class Representative(s): Karrie Mannella, Emily Ramirez


Next Meetings:


  • May 10 @ MAC High TBD


Fundraising Chair:





  • May 8th: Vivo Night - restaurant in Lincoln Village

  • May 18th & 19th: Fry's Electronics

    • Come on over and enjoy roasting and eating hotdogs!

  • (Anytime)​

Baccalaureate Ceremony: Sun, May 27 @ 2pm (Covenant Church)

Fine Arts Academy Convocation: @TBD (MAC)

Graduation: Thurs, May 31 @ 10:00am (Frank Erwin Center)

GradKnight: Thurs, May 31 @ 10:30pm (McCallum)
                       students will be transported to/from Main Event

Donations made through the "Donate" button on this page go to the Class of 2018.

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