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2021 Senior Honor Banners

Celebrate your Senior with a vinyl banner and support the Class of 2021's Project Graduation!


The banners will be hung at the school on the Grover Avenue fence, facing Dart Bowl.   Parent volunteers will hang the banners for you, OR you may pick up your banner to display at your home or other location.  


You will be notified when banners are up so you can take back-to-school photos with your student.


Banners will be hung during the first weeks of school and remain up through the Fall.  Toward the end of the semester, you will have the option to retrieve your banner for safe-keeping until graduation next June.


If you want more than 1 banner, please fill out a separate form for each banner ordered.


There are 2 options:


Individual:  3 ft x 2 ft   Cost:  $40

Group: 4 ft x 3 ft   Cost:  $60 (Ideal for a class, team, club, or other student organization)


You can personalize your banner with a name, a photo, image, logo, or quote to honor your Senior or Group.


Roughly half the proceeds from this sale will go to Project Graduation -- an all-night, drug and alcohol-free event for our Senior class.  This event is not sponsored by AISD and is completely parent-organized.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 5.24.33 PM.png

Step 1: Fill out the GoogleForm to order your banner(s)

Step 2: Submit Payment - PayPal Friends and Family

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